I could forfeit any will to attain a driver’s permit by buying 17 Vespas.

[via Vespa]

I could dye my hair 7503 times with all the shades of the rainbow

[via Amazon]

I could plant 5800 successful hardwood tree seedlings (if one in eight survived)

USDA Plant A Tree Program


I could buy 55238 Mcdoubles from the Mcdonald’s Dollar Menu WITH a 5% tax.

Mc Donalds

I could travel round-trip between New York City and Tokyo via Japan Airlines 45 times.

[via Expedia]


I could buy 58,000 Presidential $1 coins

[via US Mint]

I could dress myself up with a fully zippable ugly Christmas sweatshirt and still have enough money leftover for 891 other women to try out the holiday trend.

[via Amazon]

I could adorn myself and 5024 others with Obama masks in lieu of a large flash mob.

[via Amazon]

I could glean a collection of 5370 Cloud Atlas novels

[via Book Depository]

I could teach a class of 1482 Beginner Chinese students the magic of Traditional Chinese

[via Amazon]

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