I could live like a spaceman by consuming 61752 packs (24 packs per box) of freeze dried apple crisps 

[via Amazon]

I could give 7295 people a reusable and malleable water bottle

[via Amazon]

I could listen to music with egregiously expensive (but high quality) headphones and give a pair as a gift to 487 others

[via Amazon]

I could transit between stations on the NYC subway 23200 times

[via MTA]

I could input my life memories into 610 Terabytes worth of hard drive space

[via Amazon]

I could take pictures with 111 unaffordable DSLR cameras

[via Amazon]

I could preorder 966 Bioshock Infinite games

[via Game Stop]

I could take 2900 trips from DC to New York City (1450 roundtrip)

[via Gotobus]

I could munch on the contents of 7250 bags (9 servings per bag) of pocky

[via Amazon]

I could replenish my stock of avocados with 58000 more avocados

[via Whole Foods]

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