I could save the blogging site Xanga from shutting down

[via Xanga]

Backstory: Xanga was the site that first introduced me to blogging in the 6th grade. I owe to the site much of my writing development. I will remember a community of tight knit but remarkable bloggers who reached out to an amateur me and gave me the will to continue blogging until this day.

4 thoughts on “I could save…

    • Well I believe the founder is trying out a new strategy, but to be honest there is a slim chance it will succeed. It’d sad to watch a site I’ve taken for granted for so long go under.

    • And it seems I have also chosen to move on. i remember when my friends introduced me to it all those years ago…it just seemed like something that would always be there. It’s kind of odd to realize websites can’t be taken for granted.

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