I could light up the night with a 650 minute long fireworks display

[via US fireworks]

>Their Blockbuster Display is 6 minutes long for $534.80


100th post!

I could bike alongside 774 people-all with a year-long bikeshare membership on my behalf.

[via Capital Bikeshare]

I could fatten some friends up with 7081 buckets of lard

[via Amazon]

I could curse the rain with 1933 umbrellas that each depict a middle finger.

[via Ebay]



I could protect myself from the sun with 3918 bottles of SPF 130 sunblock

[via Amazon]


I could drink from 58585 mugs

[via IKEA]

>what if you took a shot in a mug in a mug shot?

I could clothe 1017 willing humans in panda kigurumi suits

[via Amazon


I could pay for the registration of 725 people at-the-door for Otakon

[via Otakon]

I could measure some skyscrapers with 29145 Tape Measures

[via Amazon]

I could talc some houses with 16959 bottles of baby powder

[via Wal Mart]


Photo: daverobin.blogspot.com

-I’m aware talc isn’t really a verb…

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