I could wake up to 29743 Iced Coffees

[via We Got Coffee: Starbucks Menu]




I could order 351515 more ants to accompany the ant farm called my house

[via Ants alive]

I could fool birds by cleaning all the windows with 16909 bottles of Windex

[via Walgreens]

I could siphon an aquarium very quickly with 4390 siphons

[via Amazon]

I could have studied for more than five years at an in state university with a state of the art dormitory

[via GMU]

I could forfeit any will to attain a driver’s permit by buying 17 Vespas.

[via Vespa]

I could dye my hair 7503 times with all the shades of the rainbow

[via Amazon]

I could buy 55238 Mcdoubles from the Mcdonald’s Dollar Menu WITH a 5% tax.

Mc Donalds

I could dress myself up with a fully zippable ugly Christmas sweatshirt and still have enough money leftover for 891 other women to try out the holiday trend.

[via Amazon]

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