I could give 580 tourists new Smartrip Cards to experience DC with

[via WMATA]

I could waterproof my life with 2904 sets of Neverwet

[via Home Depot]

I could celebrate National Hot Dog Day with 58000 hot dogs

[via Sales-aholic]

I could egg up with 21561 chickens

[via eFowl]

Note: Chickens tend to only lay quality eggs for the first couple years but can live upwards of ten years



I could play with 145 Playstation 4’s

[via Playstation]



I could attend George Mason University for six years

[via State Council of Higher Education for Virginia]

I could drive between Washington DC and San Francisco 146 times (73 roundtrips)

Assuming the following Averages:

$3.518 per gallon
24.8 mpg average
15 gallon car

Averages taken from the following sites:

Chicago Tribune: Cars
Date Record of AAA average

My Calculations:



*Assuming I can drive

I could glow with 870000 glow sticks

[via Dollar Tree]


 dollar tree

dollar tree

I could “prop” up with 1303 large pieces of wonderflex

[via CosplaySupplies]

I could harvest my own soy beans and make soy milk from 9863 packets of soybean seeds

[via Amazon]

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