I could waterproof my life with 2904 sets of Neverwet

[via Home Depot]

I could play with 145 Playstation 4’s

[via Playstation]



I could own my own domain name on wordpress for the next 3222 years

[via WordPress]

I could have studied for more than five years at an in state university with a state of the art dormitory

[via GMU]

I could provide 11623 ‘Pound Plus’ (17.6 oz) Chocolate Bars to my university’s student population

[via Trader Joe’s]

I could forfeit any will to attain a driver’s permit by buying 17 Vespas.

[via Vespa]

I could travel round-trip between New York City and Tokyo via Japan Airlines 45 times.

[via Expedia]


I could buy 58,000 Presidential $1 coins

[via US Mint]

My Undying Gratitude


Perhaps it was negligent on my part to choose a school that would put the puddle of my parents’ retirement funds in the middle of a desert, but what is done is done. Now I must act to minimize the toll this decision has inflicted. I could beg, lament, and curse, but this is the internet and I would simply make a fool out of myself attempting as such. I will mention it just this one time.

I have $58,000 to pay each year in tuition costs. If you can help, I will give unto you my undying gratitude.

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