I could buy a BMW 528i SEDAN and ride it around for a year

Cost of Tuition: [blank] but the car alone costsĀ $47,800

By Nina Lopez

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I could drive between Washington DC and San Francisco 146 times (73 roundtrips)

Assuming the following Averages:

$3.518 per gallon
24.8 mpg average
15 gallon car

Averages taken from the following sites:

Chicago Tribune: Cars
Date Record of AAA average

My Calculations:



*Assuming I can drive

I could scare a school with 3224 remote controlled Tarantulas

[via Awesome Inventions]

I could cook up a Yiddish dream with 19397 boxes of Knaidel Mix

[via Livonia Glatt]

I could light up the night with 892 retro glowing nightlights

[via Amazon]

I could clean a record amount of floors walking with 5538 other people wearing cleaning slippers

[via Amazon]

I could fool birds by cleaning all the windows with 16909 bottles of Windex

[via Walgreens]

I could siphon an aquarium very quickly with 4390 siphons

[via Amazon]

I could gift 10642 bouquets of 7 large artificial roses to all the stuffed animals I’ve abandoned

[via Amazon]

I could say goodnight to 1933 night stands

[via Ikea]

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