I could wake up to 29743 Iced Coffees

[via We Got Coffee: Starbucks Menu]




I could chow down on 14536 chicken pot pies

[via Huffington Post: Food]


I could give 580 tourists new Smartrip Cards to experience DC with

[via WMATA]

I could store 86345 Gigabytes of memory

[via Newegg]

[86.3 terabytes]

I could waterproof my life with 2904 sets of Neverwet

[via Home Depot]

I could buy a BMW 528i SEDAN and ride it around for a year

Cost of Tuition: [blank] but the car alone costsĀ $47,800

By Nina Lopez

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I could unbox 116 Xboxes

[via Microsoft: XBox]


I could celebrate National Hot Dog Day with 58000 hot dogs

[via Sales-aholic]

I could egg up with 21561 chickens

[via eFowl]

Note: Chickens tend to only lay quality eggs for the first couple years but can live upwards of ten years



I could play with 145 Playstation 4’s

[via Playstation]



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