I could grow a  bamboo thicket with 28571 bamboo kits

[via Chesapeake Business Solutions]

I could relax my cleaning duties with 116 floor cleaning robots

[via irobot]

I could pose with 417 glossy mannequins

[via Store Supply Warehouse]
And for the sake of political correctness:
[Store Supply Warehouse]

I could input 464000 minutes and 580 years into my prepaid phone

[via Best Buy]

(with double minutes for life…but it’s an intellectually challenged phone)

I could spice up life with 9847 bottles of Sriracha Sauce

[via Amazon]

I could provide 4750 gaming mousepads to improve the pc gaming experience

[via Amazon]

I could have studied for more than five years at an in state university with a state of the art dormitory

[via GMU]

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